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What we do - »Website concepts«

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Website concepts  

The site looks pretty, its full of colours and forms - but, honestly, it is quite boring, as well. You cannot really make out what the site is about. You find some cryptic entries in the navigation bar. And then you click on a link which leads to a page you never wanted to go, in the first place. That the navigation on the next level does not at all resemble the navigation on the homepage makes things worse. For heavens sake, what's it all about?

The internet is full of websites which lack an easy understandable editorial and navigational concept. They might be pretty and full of cutting edge technology. If users cannot find what they were looking for the will leave your site and looks elsewhere. And, worst, they will never come back!

How to avoid your users from getting confused, how to represent your contents with a striking and unique idea will be trained in the seminar »Website concepts«. From the main idea which is predominant for the graphical and editorial design to the development of an understandable navigation all aspects of website concepts will be trained, theoretically and in practical excercises.

We have been given this three-day seminar for

    ZFP, Zentrale Fortbilung Programm (ARD/ZDF)  


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