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What we do - Online research

Last exit anywhere?

Last exit anywhere?  

Haven't we all heard about the enorm resources of knowledge on the internet? That world's knowledge was stored there? That you could find anything you wanted on the information super highway? Well, might be ... but where can I find a ramp that takes me onto the highway? And how can I prevent myself from beeing run over by someone who really knows how to handle all this?

Searching CD-ROM-catalogues and databases, the World Wide Web, newsgroups and FTP-servers, already belongs to every day work of journalists. But for effectively searching the net it is definetly not enough to know how to open a new browser window.

You should know the difference between mailinglists and newsgroups, what a URL tells you about the technical design of a server, or if you better search with a catalogue or a full-text-search engine. Knowing how to crypt e-mails or where to look up the owner of a certain domain name in many cases already makes you a specialist in the editorial board. And: who doesn't want to be wellknown for some skills we can easily teach you in the online research seminar?

The trainings last from one to five days and have been organized for

    DeutschlandRadio (one day)  
    Evangelische Medienakademie Berlin (two and three days)  
    Dr. Galwelat CIMdata GmbH für Weiterbildung (five days)  


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