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Sorry, but ...




Sorry, but ...

Der Schreibtisch - überlastet  

... we are much too busy to answer the phone or our e-mails. If you ever get an answer like this from us, don't feel sorry for us. On the contrary, you should envy us, since most probably we do not bend under the yoke of work, but have given over ourselves to the better things in life. This is why we work as free-lancers.

What we regards as the better things in life we will keep to our selves. If anyone should knew we would be frequent guest in different talkshows. Since we aren't, we will keep our mouthes shut.

But of course, there are exceptions to the rule. There are things we really love to talk about. And though it might from time to time be better to keep silent we can't resist from writing down what we think about. Those texts are entertaining ones by nature. And sometimes we find magazines and papers which - you wouldn't believe it - publish those pieces. Moreoften, nevertheless, editors without the slightest sense of humour prevent these pieces from having an audience. Well, there is nothing we can do about that - but publish those pieces on our website.

Unfortunately, though, Melanie and Matthias have been much to busy to translate the stories to be found in the german version into english. So, well, hm, we are sorry, but ... we'd really appreciate if you come back in distant future to check whether we were able to translate the pieces or not.

Sorry, but ...