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Who we are

32 centimeters taller than a parking meter

Melanie between her sheets  

is Melanie Wieland, who always believed that size can't be measured in centimeters. She is a trained type-setter and studied German and American literature and mass-media-studies. Since 1995 she is working as editor, author and concepter. In 1999 she started out giving seminars and trainings on different aspects of digital media. In the mean time, she bought a pocket sized digital camera - and is setting out to take pictures of her colleague.

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It's the inner values which are important ...

Einer davon ist Matthias  

at least that's what Matthias Spielkamp thinks. Nevertheless, nobody went blind from looking at him - that far. But he doesn't like to be looked at, unfortunately. He is a free-lance journalist and writes for different magazines and newspapers. After testing most of the big cities in Germany and some abroad, he lives in Berlin. By the way, there is a more recent photography of Matthias on this site. You just have to find it ...

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