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Who we are

Matthias Spielkamp

      Here you find a recent photography of Matthias  

Matthias Spielkamp works as a free-lance journalist in Berlin. He published in:

    der Berliner Zeitung  
    brand eins  
    Süddeutsche Zeitung  
    Stuttgarter Zeitung  
    Sächsische Zeitung  
    Jungle World  
    Der Spiegel  
    Berliner Gazette  

Juni - August 1998 working for NTW television, Moskau, Russia, with a scholarship from Carl Dusiberg Gesellschaft, Köln
Reporting from Moskau for Jungle World (Berlin)
working as a correspondent for rUFO

    NTW television, Moskau  
    The homepage of Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft, Köln  
    Correspondent's office rUFO  

January - August 1997 Editor with Spiegel TV Magazine,  Hamburg

    Spiegel TV  

September - December 1996 Internetship at the audio-visual promotion and distribution unit of the United Nations in New York

    Website of the Audio-Visual Promotion and Distribution Unit of the United Nations in New York  

April - September 1996 Spokesperson of »Radio FLORA«

    Radio FLORA  

April - September 1996 Public Relations at Ponton European Media Art Lab in Hannover

    Ponton European Media Art Lab, Hannover  

May 1995 - April 1996 free-lanceer at FAST Multimedia AG, München - professional digital video editing with FAST Video Machine

    Fast Multimedia AG, München  

April 1995 - April 1996 studies of philosophy, politics and political economy at the University of Hannover

    Website of the Univerity of Hannover  

March 1995 - September 1996 working for the »friends of local radio station Hannover e.V.« (FLORA), newscaster and moderator, organizing the newsroom and the magazine »MegaHertz«

    Radio Flora  

January - February 1995 Internetship at NDR Local radio station in Hannover, regional board, economy and public interests

    Homepage of NDR  

Dezember 1994 Master of Arts (M.A.) Degree in Journalism

May - July 1994 Internship at WNYC Public Radio in New York City, assistant and producer of Talk Radio / Call in Show »On the Line with Brian Lehrer«

    WNYC Public Radio, New York  

August 1993 - December 1994 Studies of Professional Broadcast Journalism at the University of Colorado at Boulder

    University of Colorado  

May - June 1993 Internship at ZDF in Bonn, Co-Author of a piece for »bonn direkt«

    The ZDF one the internet  

February - March 1993 Internship at the Hessische Rundfunk in Frankfurt, politics and economy ressorts

    The Hessische Rundfunk  

January - April 1992 Internship at the Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung, Rhein-Main ressort

    The official website of FAZ  

April 1991 - July 1993 Studies of philosophy, politics and political economy at Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe university in Frankfurt/Main

    Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe University in Frankfurt/Main  

February - March 1991 Intership at Stuttgarter Zeitung, Sports ressort

    Stuttgarter Zeitung  

December 1990 - January 1991 Internship at Westfalen Blatt, Bielefeld, ressorts Paderborn and Salzkotten (local)

    Westfalen Blatt  

September 1989 - October 1990 alternative civilian service at Arbeiter Samariter Bund (ASB) in Hürth near Köln and at Caritas in Paderborn

    Arbeiter Samariter Bund (ASB)  

May 1989 Secondary school exams at the humanistic Theodorianum in Paderborn

25. June 1970 born in Paderborn